Fuel Scarcity: Reno Omokri sends a reminder to president Buhari

Reno Omokri
Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri
 has sent out a reminder to President Buhari following the lingering fuel scarcity. Sharing a Tweet from president Buhari during Jonathan’s administration which read

Reno Omokri Tweet on Petrol
Reno Omokri Tweet

The countless man hours that will be spent at petrol stations today, will reduce our productivity as a nation. This should not be so. – GMB
Reno replied
The Buhari who said Jonathan was clueless has now turned our lives to one lived on petrol queue. He promised to create 3 million jobs per annum? Queuing is the job. Nigerians now spend more time on petrol queues than at work, school or with their family.