How & Why Upcoming Artists Fail in Nigeria
How & Why Upcoming Artists
Fail in Nigeria

How Upcoming Artists Fail in Nigeria

ListKey Point
3Bad Products
4Wrong Producers
6Not Lyrical
8Not Current

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How Nigerian Upcoming Artists Fail

  • 1. Moving With most People That has different aim and goals in Life

  • 2. Eagerness: Eager to Join The Top Numbers

  • 3. You Are Not Giving your best on Your Products most especially on Your Music. This Is Really Bad.

  • 4. Choosing a Wrong Producer

  • 5. Not Unique. Here's what I mean by not unique.. Duplicating Others Productions/Music.

  • 6. InAbility To Provide Meaningful and Lyrical Music

  • 7. Not Current: When You are Not Current online and Social

  • 8. When you do your Music Alone.

  • 9. When you don't Invest in Promoting your music