Possibility Hulk will be more powerful in Avengers Endgame


In a superhero movie or Comics, we learn that if a hero loses his or her powers (Abilities) for sometime definitely the power will be increased when its back. So is possible to happen to hulk in the next upcoming marvel film (Avengers 4)

Remember Thor: Ragnorok? I guess you do, Thor loses his most powerful Weapon which is the hammer (Mjolnir) which his sister (Hela) destroyed. Hela is worthy of lifting it, and marvel replace his abilities with a lightning around him and his eyes, giving him more and easy way to defeat his enemies. But in Avengers: Infinity War, Thor Is Back with an Axe (Storm Breaker) created in "Nidavellir" with Groot and Rocket, This Shows (Tells) us what will be happening to hulk in Avengers 4 or any time he hulks out again.

In the movie Avengers: Infinity War, According to Russo's Brothers, Hulk is tired of playing hero to Bruce Banner and that is why he refuses to come out while banner (Mark Rufalo) needs him, and not because he received a beating of his life.

Avengers 4 will definitely show's us how Hulk and Bruce Banner sort things out.

Hulk Might Use The Following Powers

  • Hulk Smash
  • Hulk Clap

Avengers 4 will be in theater in May 3, 2019