Siregun Yoruba Movie 2018
Siregun Yoruba Movie 2018 (Femi Adebayo & Funmi Bank Anthony)

Siregun Yoruba Movie 2018 Review | Cast & Summary

 A Remi Badru Production

The Scene Opened with a Family of 4, The Mom, Bukunmi, Lanre and Ayoola, Praying To God To Intervene To There Suffering, But The Last Ayoola Refuses to Pray, Instead she Insult God, Saying There's no God, that if there's one he would have intervene, in less than a minute, Thier LandLord Appeared in the Scene to Request for his Rent Fee, But The Mother of the Family Told the Man To come back Later in the same Month (15). The Scene Closes.

In Short This Film "Siregun" is divided in two Part.

 The First part: is all about a Poor Family, in which a Man (Femi Adebayo as Bolaji) Later Help Them Get a House, Work, Shop and Make Them Okay (Rich) And Later Insulting the Family, Reminding them of all he has done for them. This Family Returned everything he (Bolaji) has done and Moved on. And Later Bukunmi Cousin Helped them get everything they've loss back in two times the one they loss

 The Second Part: Is all about Bolaji, For his bad Habits he losses Everything except for his riches, And later think about his age that he (HimSelf) is no longer going Young Anymore, He need a Wife but its too late. He went back to both his Ex's and they turned him Down.

This Teaches Us to help but not to Remind the People you helped of what you've done, For you to have everything in Life. But Bolaji Loses Everything. Except For his Riches

Starring | Cast

  • Femi Adebayo as Bolaji
  • Sunny Alli as Bolaji's Friend
  • Morenike Alausa as Bukunmi's Mother
  • Remi Badru as Lanre
  • Funmi Bank Anthony as Bukunmi
  • Tosin Olaniyan as Ayoola
  • Ibrahim Taiwo
  • Busayo Maya
  • Mrs Taiwo Opeyemi
  • Oguntuyi Oluwatimileyin

Location Manager:

Remi Badru

Production Manager:

Sunny Alli

Production Assistant:

Aruno Odemuno


Remi Badru


Adebayo Tijani

Comedy: 25%
Tragedy: 5%
Straight: 70%

Rated: 2 of 5