Avengers: Endgame Spoiler: Characters Early Death

Avengers: Endgame Spoiler: Charcters Early Death
Thor with the stormbreaker in a battle (marvel Studios)

In less than 2 weeks Avengers: Endgame will hit cinema and we are in for a heartbreaking moment rather early in the film. According to a reddit user, Captain Marvel and Thor die during two major battles with Thanos.

Be warned spoiler ahead you can still turn back this is the last...last second

Avengers: Endgame Spoiler: Charcters Early Death

They meet Captain Marvel, they reunite in the Avengers HQ, and they plan to go for Thanos.
Tony and Nebula are wandering in the space, Nebula and Tony have a last spark of hope, and they use Nebula’s and Tony’s armor parts to repair the Benatar just enough to make a jump Into the solar system.
Tony stares into the sun, and they get to Earth. Some Avengers greet them, Tony is in terrible shape, Nebula and Rocket talk about the fallen ones.
Rocket repairs the Benatar, Tony, and Banner talk in the hospital and they both are out; they don’t wanna go to the Garden to fight Thanos. The second energy spike that they register is Thanos trying to destroy the Gauntlet.
Cap America, Cap Marvel, Thor, Rhodey, Rocket, Black Widow get aboard the Benatar, and they ship to Thanos Garden to fight him. Thanos got engaged in a fight, Thor let him wounded, and Captain Marvel intervenes to give him the final blow.
Thanos feels overwhelmed, and he uses the Gauntlet to paralyze all the Avengers. Meanwhile, he forces them to see how he pulverizes Captain Marvel. Captain Marvel got KIA.
Thanos flees, and he let the rest of the Avengers in ruins, devastated. The Avengers return to Earth feeling bumped out and out of hope. Thor and Rocket go to space, Cap and Rhodey create support groups, Tony’s PSTD aggravates, and he starts to build several armor Marks, and Banner gets over his problems with the Hulk. There’s a time jump, 2 years for being exact.
Black Widow hears rumours about Hawkeye, and she goes and seeks for him, mankind collapses. Ant-Man appears from the Quantum Realm, and he goes to the Avengers HQ. He and Tony talk about the Quantum realm and how he traveled in time to the ’70s and got help from Tony’s father and Hank Pym to return to the present time, he delivers a message to Tony from his father as a proof of his travel through time.
They talk about how there’s múltiple timelines and how they could travel through time without modifying too much of their own timeline. Stark starts to build an electronic Infinity Gauntlet and some Quantum Realm suits for the rest of the Avengers; the premise is that they revisit some important pinpoints in the Avengers story to gather the Stones. Every time they jump to a time period they are creating new timelines that will coexist with their principal timeline, alternate dimensions.
Thanos notices this in some way, and he jumps with his fleet to Earth, he makes an orbital strike destroying the Avengers HQ and a great chunk of land. Thanos got confronted by Tony, Cap, and Thor. Thanos is looking for the Stark gauntlet since he destroyed the original and the original Stones with it. He sends the outriders to retrieve the gauntlet, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Rhodey, Rocket, and Ant-Man fight them in the subfloors.
In some point in the battle Thanos empales Thor with his sword and kills him, Hulks appears in rage, he and Thanos got in an epic battle but is defeated again, Cap can’t believe what’s happening, and Tony grabs him, and they flee with the Stark gauntlet…

He continued, Captain Marvel is dusted, but she’ll return by the end of the movie:

Captain Marvel get dusted but obviously she gets back by the end of the movie, the final act of the movie is nuts, a major villain is teased, Hulk losses his arm and some other Avengers die trying to hold back Thanos. 4 original Avengers dies, Thor, Cap [America?] are the sure ones, he didn’t tell me what others. The final battle is everyone vs. Thanos, but he manages to escape with the Space Stone. He said something about Thanos being the guardian of that stone. Nothing crazy like X-men or Adam Warlock are happening in the movie, but there’s a couple of surprises including Coulson.

He also added

There’s another leak with this plot? So… There’s now two people saying the same thing, I wasn’t aware of that. I’m not trying to be ‘legit.’ It made sense to me. That’s why Captain Marvel isn’t in the group frames after the time jump. Thor makes an army and lets Valkyrie in charge of it and the people from Asgard before he dies (That’s why he goes to the space with Rocket). And he said to me that Thor’s dead is pretty sad. And that’s why Chris Evans said that the trailer is a visual spoiler, everything is in those trailers.

Please note that this are just fan theory and they are not confirmed yet.


Avengers Endgame is set to be released on April 26 worldwide