Dark Phoenix (also known as X-Men: Dark Phoenix) is a 2019 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics X-Men characters, produced by 20th Century Fox and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. It is the twelfth installment in the X-Men film series, a direct sequel to X-Men: Apocalypse (2016) and the seventh and final installment in the main X-Men series. The film is written and directed by Simon Kinberg.

Dark Phoenix

Dark Phoenix Theatrical Release Poster
Dark Phoenix Theatrical Release Poster

Produced by
  • Simon Kinberg
  • Hutch Parker
  • Lauren Shuler Donner
Directed by Simon Kinberg
Written by Simon Kinberg
Based on X-Men by
  • Stan Lee
  • Jack Kirby
  • James McAvoy
  • Michael Fassbender
  • Jennifer Lawrence
  • Nicholas Hoult
  • Sophie Turner
  • Tye Sheridan
  • Kodi Smit-McPhee
  • Alexandra Shipp
  • Evan Peters
  • Jessica Chastain
Music by Hans Zimmer
Cinematography Mauro Fiore
Edited by Lee Smith
Production company
  • 20th Century Fox
  • Bad Hat Harry Productions
  • The Donners' Company
  • Marvel Entertainment
  • TSG Entertainment
Distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
Release date
  • May 14, 2019 (Mexico City)
  • June 7, 2019 (United States)
Country United States
Running Time 114 minutes
  • English
Budget $200 million
Box Office $146.2 million


During a mission in space, Jean Grey absorbs a mysterious cosmic force that amplifies her powers to unimaginable levels, causing her to lose control and unleash the Dark Phoenix. Now the X-Men will have to decide if the life of a team member is worth more than all the people living in the world.


  • James McAvoy as Professor Charles Xavier
  • Michael Fassbender as Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto
  • Sophie Turner as Jean Grey / Phoenix
  • Jennifer Lawrence as Raven / Mystique
  • Jessica Chastain as Alien shapeshifter who manipulates the Phoenix.
  • Nicholas Hoult as Hank McCoy / Beast
  • Evan Peters as Peter Maximoff / Quicksilver
  • Alexandra Shipp as Ororo Munroe / Storm
  • Tye Sheridan as Scott Summers / Cyclops
  • Kodi Smit-McPhee as Kurt Wagner / Nightcrawler
  • Evan Jonigkeit as Mortimer Toynbee / Toad (rumored)
  • Hannah Emily Anderson
  • Ato Essandoh as Jones
  • Daniel Cudmore
  • Summer Fontana as Young Jean Grey
  • Kota Eberhardt as Selene
  • Andrew Stehlin as Red Lotus
  • Scott Shepherd as Dr. John Grey
  • Lamar Johnson
  • Aphra Williams
  • Gregg Lowe as Eric Gitter / Ink (rumored)
  • Julian Bailey as Shuttle Commander
  • Tyler Elliot Burke as Genosha Sentry
  • Vanessa Jackson as Astronaut #6
  • Josh McLaglen as Doctor #1
  • Kendel Joy as Kendel LeGore (Student)
  • Joey Coleman as Jean Grey's Uncle
  • Sebastian MacLean as Astronaut #5
  • Maurizio Terrazzano as Lakehouse Husband
  • Aalia Adam as Local Reporter
  • Marine Buton as French waitress
  • Tony Saquett as Mutant
  • Frédéric Gilles as World Leader #1
  • Melissa Toussaint as UN Delegate Haiti
  • Andre Bedard as Astronaut #2
  • Eldon Hunter as Journalist
  • Alex Gravenstein as NASA Tech #1
  • David Patrick Green as UN News Director
  • Michael Lipka as Astronaut #3
  • Xavier Sotelo as UN Delegate Spain
  • Karen Ivany as Launch Anchor
  • Olivier Lamarche as Local Cop
  • Christopher Hayes as UN Reporter #1
  • Dave Campbell as Detective #2
  • Guy Iannacone as National Guard
  • Stephane Ouellet as National guard
  • Sebastien Beaulac as National Guard Officer
  • Alexandre Bélanger as Businessman
  • Simon Alain as Lakehouse Guest
  • Serge Martineau as Admiral
  • Sébastien Bolduc as Mutant
  • George Chiang as Chinese UN Reporter
  • Julien Irwin Dupuy as Helicopter Pilot 1
  • Amir Sám Nakhjavani as Local Cop
  • Ilyes Belayel as NYPD
  • Eric Clark as U.N. Lead Guard
  • Ian Zentner as Bully
  • Emilio La Torre as Brazilian Kid #2
  • Christian Labbé as CIA Agent
  • Craig Snoyer as UN Guard


In January 2018, Evan Peters stated  that Hans Zimmer was composing the score for the film. On May 23, 2019, the track Extraordinary Being by Emeli Sandé was released as the official soundtrack.


Dark Phoenix is scheduled for release in the United States on June 7, 2019. It was previously set to be released on November 2, 2018, then rescheduled to be released on February 14, 2019, before being pushed to June 7. It will be known as X-Men: Dark Phoenix for release in countries outside of the United States. The film is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures under the 20th Century Fox banner. The world premiere of the film was held in Mexico City, Mexico on May 14, 2019.

Box office

As of June 12, 2019, Dark Phoenix has grossed $39.2 million in the United States and Canada, and $107 million in other territories, for a worldwide total of $146.2 million. Based on its global opening, Deadline Hollywood estimated the film would lose the studio $100–120 million.

In the United States and Canada, Dark Phoenix was released alongside The Secret Life of Pets 2, and was initially projected to gross $50–60 million from 3,721 theaters in its opening weekend, with the studio expecting a $40–50 million debut.

However after making $14 million on its first day (including $5 million from Thursday night previews, the lowest X-Men total since The Wolverine's $4 million in 2013), projections were lowered to $34 million. It ended up debuting to $32.8 million, finishing second behind The Secret Life of Pets 2. It was the lowest total of the franchise by $20 million and the first time an X-Men film did not top the box office the week of its release.

In other territories, the film was projected to gross $120–135 million, including $50–60 million from China, for a global debut of around $170 million. The film made $13 million on its first day in China (including previews). It ended up debuting to just $103.7 million internationally and $136.5 million worldwide. Its largest markets were China ($45.6 million), South Korea ($5.1 million), Mexico ($5 million) and the United Kingdom ($4.9 million).