What we Accept

  • Biography
  • Movies Details (without a download link)
  • Words
  • Music

Before you send a post

  • Be sure you have the right to share it
  • Be sure you have the full information of the post you are sharing (including image)
  • A correct definition of the word your are sending, example and how the word is used
  • A very clear picture
  • A YouTube link to the music you are sending (YouTube link or no other links)
  • Be sure you are not using this as any means of advertisement

How do I write my post

Before we can understand what you are sending us, you will have to write your message (submission) as we wrote ours below, make sure you click each link for more details on each submission.

Note: always add image below every submission except for "word submissions."

Biography Submission

Name: Samuraeh
Birth Date: May 10 1998
Birth Place: Ondo State, Nigeria
Occupation: Blogger
Social Media Accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Person Early Life, Occupation, Lifestyle and Background (Click here to see everything we need in a Person Biography Submission)

Movie Submission

Title: Title
Director: Director
Producer(s): Producers
Cast: Cast
Duration: Time/Length
Production Company: Company
Release Date: Date
Country: Country
Language: Language
Budget: Production Budget
Box Office: Income

Word Submission

Short definition
Full definition
Part of speech: Example: noun
Word pronunciation: how the word is pronounced
Syllable: Word syllable
Example: Example of how the word is used (Click her to see everything we need in a Word Submission)

Music Submission

Title: Music Title
Artiste: owner
Picture: Picture
Release: release date
Format: streaming
Featured artist: featured
Year recorded: date
Duration: time/length
Record Label: label
Song writers: singer(s)
Producer(s): producer
Previous song: if any
YouTube link: Link
YouTube video link: link

How do I submit a post?

  • Open a new message box with either gmail or yahoo mail
  • Add a title (Example: Avengers: Endgame from sender name)
  • Add all the information you are sending including the post picture(s) as we have show you above
Note: if any information is left out your post may not be publish.

How long will it take before my post goes live?

Well a post normally takes 24 to 72 hours before it goes live. In a case your post wasn't live after 72 hours this might be the cause

  • Pending Review
  • Still on qui dew to many previous post sent to us
  • Not enough information
  • There was already an entry for that (you may use the search)
  • Your post is fake
  • A copyrighted content or file

What should i do if am having a issue?

  • Wait another 24 hours
  • Check our do's and don't
  • Submit the post again (Example: Post title and include "Resubmission")